Amazing Mango Ice 60ml by Naked 100

Amazing Mango Ice 60ml by Naked 100

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Amazing Mango Ice - Naked 100 Ice E Liquid

Find your happy place with this blend that will remind you of one of the most famous theme park treats. So forget about the lineups, the expensive tickets and having to stand around in the heat all day. This juice is going to give you a wonderful experience that will remind you of all of those fond memories that you have from going to these fairgrounds in the past. This juice has a really nice taste that is so well balanced and complementary that it's the kind of vaping option that you will be able to vape in the long run. With the warmer weather most definitely here, you will love being able to reach for this blend and get some relief while satisfying your cravings at the same time. It will suit so many different peoples preferences and offer up a unique flavor profile that you really don't see everywhere. This is definitely a flavor that will provide you with a bit of extra positivity and joy that will, in turn, make your day seem so much more lighthearted and optimistic, who doesn't want that? Naked 100 Ice E Liquid takes all of those incredibly popular and well-loved blends from the original Naked 100 E Liquid line and gives them loads of chilly menthol that makes them perfect for enjoying in the summertime or after your trip to the gym. They are highly respected for their commitment to quality and dedication to making sure that they release the best products possible. Amazing Mango begins with a creamy, smooth ice cream base that is topped off with exotic, succulent mango and some sweet, hand picked peaches and some cooling menthol. Welcome to the new version of Amazing Mango.

Primary Flavors: MangoPeachMentholCream
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester