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Blue Razz 30ml by Salt Factory

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Blue Razz – Salt Factory E Liquid

Eating too many pieces of blue raspberry chewy candy sounds like a trip to the dentist waiting to happen. Good thing Blue Razz by Salt Factory E Liquid will give you the same taste without the cavities. The sweet taste of blue raspberries is really making this salt-based nicotine offer an incredible experience that you probably have never gone through. Taking a pull form this salt e liquid will remind you of times you used to go to the corner store and purchase a dollar’s worth of blue raspberry taffy candy. So sweet and savory, but you could not wait to start chewing. In this case, Blue Razz will satisfy your sweet tooth while saving you from having another painful toothache. We hate the sound of that tiny drill too! Anyways, you will realize that when using this salt-based nicotine, you feel a lot more of the flavor hitting you in your throat. This simply means that you will taste a ton of flavor when you inhale and relax. Hanging out will be a lot easier indulging in the Blue Razz because the salt based nicotine will allow you to taste this salt e liquid in its entirety. With 30ml available in each bottle, do not worry about it leaving you so soon. However, with Blue Razz being so tasty, maybe it will leave you fairly quick. Trust me, we will not be shocked if you do. We understand that it can be an irresistible flavor to many of us who love blue raspberry candy. In other news, Salt Factory E Liquid has made other flavors in this collection that you are more than welcome to try out. It will be surprising if you do not find one that you consider your favorite. They all also contain salt based nicotine, which means the taste will be super rich. Salt Factory is manufactured by Air Factory E Liquid.

**This product is made with nicotine salts and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry

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