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Crisp Apple 30ml by Salt Factory

$ 20
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Crisp Apple – Salt Factory E Liquid

What do you call it when New York City gets hit with a blizzard? A Crisp Apple! Get it? Same way you did not mind that dad joke, you probably will not mind this salt e liquid brought to us by Salt Factory E Liquid. The same team that brought us Frost Factory and Air Factory is adding a little twist to what the familiar flavor might have already had. Crisp Apple is now available with salt based nicotine that can most likely give you one of the best experiences you ever had. The amazing taste that apples give you is now being paired with the classic cooling blend menthol. Yes, this combination is about to get chilly, and by that, we do not mean spicy. Taking a pull of this salt e liquid will make you feel as if you are going apple picking in the North Pole. You are surprised these apples are ripe with such harsh weather conditions, but you do not question it. It feels as if a walking basket of icy apples is going through you while dropping a couple apples along the way. This blend is savory and you do not want it to end. You slowly start exhaling because you want to appreciate the salt e liquid some more. The big clouds slowly escape into the air, and you feel as if you started munching on a bunch of sliced apples while climbing Mount Everest. Can you say intense? This experience feels like no other, and it becomes apparent the salt based nicotine makes a huge difference. With 30ml of salt e liquid available, be my guest and go on several trips. Besides, with how good Crisp Apple is, you might reconsider putting your vape pen away so soon. There are several other salt e liquids that Salt Factory E Liquid has made available for you, so why not go on more than one trip. Salt Factory is manufactured by Air Factory E Liquid.

**This product is made with nicotine salts and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Apple, Menthol

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