Custard Cookie 30ml Salt Nic by Sad Boy

$ 20
Nic Level:
When most of us start imagining up desserts, there are usually two front runners that are the very first that pop into our heads. The heavenly, smooth, easy to ingest custard and home style, comforting cookies. They are the kinds of treats that no one can grow sick of, no matter how much that they have been enjoying them and they are always a welcomed introduction after our meals. Forget about saving this sweet, satisfying snacks for cheat days or after a special occasion, with this blend you will be able to garner all of that great taste that has been running through your mind and tempting you constantly from your formative years until now in a way that can be enjoyed as much as you would like without any drawbacks at all. It seems like it's almost too good to be true, right? We can assure you that this blend is the real deal and it is going to be a must vape for anyone who prefers sweet flavors and finds themselves struggling with the temptation of running to their local bakery day in, day out. Sad Boy will do anything but make you sad with their smile inducing juices that are able to brighten up any day. They come up with some truly unique flavor combinations that will be able to keep your vaping sessions interesting and fun. Those are qualities that will most definitely come in handy and make you a big fan for years and years to come. The flavor Custard Cookie combines some silky smooth, perfectly sweetened, classic custard with fresh out of the oven cookies to make this dangerously delicious duo that will have your heart beating out of your chest. 

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