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Iced Chee 30ml by Salt Factory

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Iced Chee - Salt Factory E Liquid

Want to try an exotic fruit with a twist? Lychee is not a fruit that is often consumed, at least not in western countries. This iconic Asian fruit is now paired with the classic cooling flavor of menthol. Iced Chee is bringing us a combination that will give us a burst of juicy flavor and the chills going down our spine. The Lychee will give, those of us new to the fruit, a sweet taste with a little bit of tart to accompany it. It is more sweet than bitter, but the icy mix brought to us by the menthol will make any sour taste disappear. As you inhale, you almost automatically start freezing up because the menthol is just too strong that it is unexpected. Menthol does have a peppermint and spearmint taste so it is no surprise why it makes you feel very refreshed. As you keep pulling, you meet the sweet lychee taste that you have been waiting for. Slowly you begin to defrost, and now it feels as if you are indulging in a sweet minty ice cream cone. You can feel some of the vapor escape from your nostrils, and as much as you want to keep it in, you realize you have to let it out. Exhaling feels as if you just finished taking a sip of a lychee cold soda that is only exclusive in Asia, but somehow you got your hands on it. You might end up feeling like a new person because of how relaxed this salt e liquid just left you. The reason why it felt like an amazing session is that Iced Chee contains salt based nicotine, which gives you a stronger throat hit. Before you get intimidated, this just means that Iced Chee will be more flavorful because of the enhancement the salt based nicotine gives it. Salt Factory E Liquid has several other flavors available that they are pretty sure you will like. However, the Iced Lychee is probably the one that will be the most memorable from the bunch because it will not let you stop taking puffs. Salt Factory is manufactured by Air Factory E Liquid.

**This product is made with nicotine salts and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Lychee, Menthol

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