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Murdered Out Suicide Queen by Purge Mods

$ 440

Murdered Out Suicide Queen 20700 Mech MOD By Purge Mods

Ever since its conception and release, the Purge Mods Suicide King has swept the playing field, leaving behind squonks and mech mods alike engraved with the signature Mathew Hagermann Suicide King visage. Now, a new challenger has entered the arena, ready to display a new coat of arms on the field of battle!

Presenting the Murdered Out Suicide Queen 20700 mechanical MOD! Designed to hit just as hard and reliably as any other Purge mech, the Suicide Queen utilizes the classic dual-walled chassis for improved heat insulation as well as a sporty aesthetic with glimmers of color and metal peeking through the gaps in the outer wall. This iteration of the Suicide series accepts both 18650 and 20700 cells, providing users with both the impressive performance of hyper-capable 20700 batteries or the valued compatibility with 18650 cells, the most common type of vape battery by far.

The signature extra-beefy Purge firing switch retains its heft in order to keep the Suicide Queen kicking hard, but has an all new red delrin inlay surrounding a neat Purge Skull etching. Further improving on such a capable device proved difficult, so Hagermann finished the job by putting his own feminine wiles on the exterior of the Suicide Queen and covered the whole affair in a thick protective coat of black Cerakote, presenting a new era for the Kingdom of Vaping. 

The King is dead—long live the Queen!

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