Jam Monster

Raspberry 100ml by Jam Monster

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Raspberry - Jam Monster E Liquid 

Feeling like you need a little toast to get your taste buds going? How about you spread some raspberry jam on it to perhaps have your mouth watering a bit? Raspberry is the name and the main flavor you are going to taste when you take a pull of this succulent e liquid. Containing such an amazing flavor, who knows when you will find the strength to swap out this e liquid flavor out for another one? When you first take a hit of this e liquid, you are going to taste the flavorful raspberry jam smoothly walking into your mouth. However, it will not feel as if you just struggled to open up a jar of jam and now eating it with a spoon. Instead, you are going to notice the crunchy bread notes of the toast flavor that was added to it. It will feel as if you just woke up and have to make your way to work as soon as possible. You do not have time for a full breakfast meal, but you want to have a little something in your system. Quickly, you put a slice of bread in the toaster and pull out the raspberry jam from the fridge. Running low on time, you release the slice of bread early and spread the raspberry jam all over it. You take the first bite, and suddenly, the urge to run out of the house has decreased. The jelly is giving you a creamy sensation fill with a lot of sweetness, and the toast is making everything taste like something familiar that you may have had several times in your life. When you think you have completely savored the entire e liquid from the pull, you start to exhale and let everything out of your pallet. The clouds, which are going to take a while to make their way out of your mouth, are going to grow bigger and bigger as your breath out, and they are going to smell incredible. Welcome to the Jam Monster E-Liquid.


Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Jam, Toast

PG/VG: 25/75

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