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Strawmelon Apple 100ml by Ice Monster

$ 27
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Strawmelon Apple - Ice Monster E Liquid 

Want something fruity and refreshing? Well, you stopped at the right e liquid. This is going to be the e liquid that is going to feel as if you are having a cocktail with a couple ice cubes to have you feeling cool. The e liquid that we are talking about here is the amazing Strawmelon Apple. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to taste the delicious sweet strawberry moving in and giving you all of their juicy content that they have to offer. The watermelon flavor is going to enter and make your mouth water as soon as it enters and starts to mix with the berries. These are not the only notes that you are going to receive because you are still going to get the apple flavors making your taste buds tingle. When all of these flavors gather up, they are going to start and make their way down your throat so that they can give you the small throat hit that they have to offer. Once you feel it, you are going to taste the flavors scattering around your mouth and giving you an incredible burst of flavors that is going to be amazing. This is also going to help you appreciate the cooling mint flavor that is going to become a bit potent. As you continue to enjoy this blend, you start to look around and wonder where the bartender that created this cocktail is. Then you look down at your hand and see that this incredible sensation is actually coming from this e liquid that is giving you several different sensations to enjoy. When you breathe out, the trip will not stop there. Several huge clouds that are going to be big and aromatic will greet you at the end.

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